Campus Guide
ǹȣ ǹ
E01 Main Gate
E02 Industrial Engineering & Management B/D
E03 Information & Electronics B/D
E04 Stadium
E05 Faculty Hall
E06 Natural Science B/D
E07 Biomedical Research Center
E08 East Bormitory
E09 Digital Science Library
E10 Storehouse
E11 Multimedia Lacture B/D
E12 Energy Plant
E13 Satellite Technology Research Center
E14 Main Adminstration B/D
E15 Auditorium
E16 ChungMoonSoul B/D
E18 Bio Model System Park
E20 KyeryungHall
N01 East Gate
N02 Branch Administration B/D
N03 Gymnasium
N04 School of Humanities & Social Science B/D
N05 Basic Experiement & Research B/D
N06 Faculty Club
N07 Mechanical Engineering B/D
N08 Department of Industrial Design B/D
N09 Practice B/D
N10 Undergraduate Library
N11 Cafeteria
N12 Student Center-2
N13 Tae Wul Gwan
N14 Sarang Hall
N15 Bachelors Housing-2
N16 Somang Hall
N17 Seongsil Hall
N18 Jilli Hall
N19 Areum Hall
N20 Silloe Hall
N21 Jihye Hall
N22 Alumni Venture Hall
N23 f MRI Center
N24 LG Semicon Hall
N25 Energy & Environment Research Center
N26 Center for High-Performance Integrated Systems
N27 High-Tech Venture Center
W01 Appiled Engineering B/D
W02 Student Center-1
W03 West Dormitory
W05 Married Students Housing
W06 West Emergy Plant
W08 Educational Support B/D
W09 Outdoor Theater
W10 Wind Tunnel Laboratory
W11 Rear Gate
W7 Bachelors Housing-1