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Nucleic Acid Engineering (2013 Spring)
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   week                                          Subject
Part I. DNA in Chemistry and Biology 
      1 DNA and RNA structure and function
      2 Principle of DNA synthesis, amplification and detection methods
      3 Bioconjugate chemistry for oligonucleotides
      4 Instrumental analysis of DNA
Part II. DNA in Biotechnology
      5 Human Genome Project
      6 Advanced DNA sequencing technologies
      7 Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection techniques
      8 Spring Mid-term exams
      9 Forensic human identificdatin genotyping
Part III. DNA in Nanotechnology
     10 Nucleic acids as therapeutic agents & Molecular beacons technology
     11 Fluorescent reasonance energy transfer dye and nanocrystal Q-dots
     12 DNA nanobiotechnology
     13 DNA analysis nano/microsystem
     14 Term presentation
     15 Spring Final exams