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Title :  Nanobiotechnology for Biochemical Engineers (생명공학을 위한 나노기술 in Korean)


Lecture number :  CBE 568


Credit : 3


Professor : Hyun Gyu Park (Room #: 5101, tel: 350-3932, Lab.: 350-3972, e-mail:


Lecture : Monday & Wednesday 13:00 - 14:15


Lecture room : 응용공학동  Room # 2116


Lecture delivery : Beam project using power point file


Lecture material : on homepage


Course discription : This course deals with principles and applications of nanotechnology in the area of biochemical engineering. The scope of this course includes basic principles and important strategies for chip-based technology like DNA chip and protein chip. This course introduces nanoanalytical instrunments and several advanced lithographic technologies essential for nanobiotechnology.This course also covers the technology related with the key nanomaterials. This course is designed to equip our Chem.& Biomol. Eng. students with the advanced nanotechnology and its application in biotechnology.


Assessment : Quiz 20%, Final exam 40%, Term presentation 20%, Homework 10%,  Attendance 10%


TA 김효용(350-3972,, 010-7220-2649)