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Welcome to the homepage of BioChip and BioDevice Lab (BCBD), a research laboratory founded in 2003 at KAIST. Started with only 3 students under the master’s program and 1 student under the doctoral program, BCBD Lab has expanded its horizons in past nine years and successfully graduated 7 master and 10 doctor candidates. At present, our lab is actively researching in the field of biosensing and nanobiotechnology focused on nucleic acid bioengineering, biochips, electrochemical diagnosis, and nanobiotechnology with the help of a team consisting of 4 master’s program students, 11 doctoral program students and 2 post-doctors.

The primary goal of BCBD Lab is to develop rapid and reliable biosensors for molecular diagnostics including disease-related proteins and human genetic mutations. Our research interest involves development of DNA and Protein chips, in order to reduce cost and time required in clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. We are also actively involved in the interfacial research of two promising research areas i.e. nanomaterials and biotechnology, which has a revolutionary impact on life and health sciences contributing to a breakthrough in the 21st century. The biomedical applications of the nanomaterials are being investigated. Studies are underway to determine the specific hybridization events of DNAs by utilizing molecular probes such as metal nanoparticles and liposomes, and its applications are being examined.

In order to achieve our research goals, we are having active collaborations with various institutions. A number of projects are supported by government organizations, such as NRF (National Research Foundation) and some private companies. Particularly, BCBD Lab was selected as the National Research Laboratory in May 2009 and is financially supported with 200 ~250 million won per a year for 5 years. We have successfully completed several projects in the past five years. We are member of the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) and Center for Ultramicrochemical Process Systems sponsored by NRF.

The BCBD Lab always encourages collaborations across different disciplines with enthusiastic researchers in order to extend our knowledge into the applications, which are helpful for the mankind, and facilitates the use of latest techniques in new areas of study. We believe that the union of expertise from different areas can lead to new potential developments.


Ambitious young scientists and engineers are always welcome to join our lab. Those, who are interested in joining our laboratory, please feel free to contact Prof. Hyun Gyu Park ( or any of our lab members.

We hope you enjoy exploring our BCBD Lab web page.

Prof. Hyun Gyu Park. 


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